Aaram Baagh

The Aaram Baagh derived from "Garden of Rest" or "Pleasure Garden", which was associated with former Maharajas or Royal Families in the gist that it was used for relaxing and keeping off from Royal duties by the former Rajas and Maharajas with their Maharanis during the princely era. At times to keep off from royal duties, the erstwhile Maharajas along with their Ranis use to visit outskirts of the town to spend time alone in a peaceful place for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment, which was said to be Aaram Baagh.

Aaram Baagh Sanchi earlier known as Kachnariya Kothi . This Kothi was made in 1902 by Nawab of Bhopal. Nawab invited one of the British Vice Roy to come and have the pleasure of hunting.

Aaraam Baagh

In Aaram Baagh Sanchi, the bygone era royal families use to relish natural beauties, beautiful surroundings, thrilling view of lush green garden, sun rise & sun set in royal comfort. With this back drop Pachar group has come up with Aaram Baagh in Sanchi.

The Group offers the guests, who prefer to bask in the royal charm of Indian Maharajas and Maharani's, which not only symbolize comfort and luxury but also reflects upon Royal Style of living. Though times have changed and winds have shifted Aaram Baagh Sanchi brings royal style, the kind only the Maharajas and Maharanis of yesteryears could have relished and enjoyed. Aaram baagh Sanchi offers you three luxurious suits Maharaja, Maharani and Rajkumar to relish the begone era of royal living.

The scenic view of Aaram Baagh Sanchi changes every hour from dawn to dusk and the wonderful clear celestial starry night makes one feel nearer to heaven. The luxurious suites are an amalgamation of personal house and luxury lodge.

About Sanchi

Aaraam Baagh

Sanchi, located in Madhya Pradesh, is famous for outstanding specimen of Buddhist art and architecture, belonging to the period between the third century BC and the twelfth century AD.

The most important of all the Sanchi monuments is the Sanchi Stupa. It is situated just 7 km from Aaram Baagh.

Another attraction in Sanchi is Sat Dhara just 2 km from Aaram Baagh. a serene hill known all over for its stupas, monastries, temples and pillars dating from the 3rd century B.C. to the 12th century A.D. The Buddhist Complex at Satdhara is situated on the bank of the river Beas.